We’re again very happy to see that the tournament in the Open and Vets competition is fully booked and we’re breaking records with a total of 46 participating teams. With teams from Dubai, Germany, the Netherlands, Brunei, Australia and many more, we’re particularly glad to see teams travelling such long distances to join our tournament!

Open Competition 11-a-side


  1. German All Stars Bangkok White, Thailand
  2. German All Stars Bangkok Blue, Thailand
  3. Farangutans FC, Thailand
  4. Saigon Hotshots, Vietnam
  5. Forbidden City FC, China
  6. GAS Singapore, Singapore
  7. Os Drinkos, Vietnam
  8. Saigon Reunited, Vietnam
  9. SWISS FC Singapur, Singapore
  10. Bayon Wanderers FC, Cambodia
  11. TGA FC, Singapore
  12. Shanghai Shooters, China

Vets Competition 7-a-side (35+)

  1. German All Stars Bangkok, Thailand
  2. Finexsys FC, Malaysia
  3. Malaysian Grasshoppers, Malaysia
  4. Hanoi Drink Team, Vietnam
  5. Golden Goals, Brunei
  6. Shanghai Voodoo, China
  7. FC Farang, Thailand
  8. Saigon Reunited, Vietnam
  9. Anza Lions, Singapore
  10. Olympic Barbarians, Vietnam
  11. Bola Boleh Boys, Malaysia
  12. GC Cranes Manila, Philippines
  13. Hibs FC Singapore, Singapore
  14. Shanghai Shooters, China
  15. French Socceros, Singapore
  16. Hollandse FC, The Netherlands
  17. GAS Singapore, Singapore
  18. Farangutans FC, Thailand
  19. Discovery Bay FC, Hong Kong
  20. Kaizer Chiefs, Germany
  21. MS Dubai, Dubai
  22. Red Star KL, Malaysia
  23. B52 Carnegies FC, Taiwan
  24. Syk Malaysia FC, Malaysia

Masters Competition 7-a-side (45+)

  1. Andaman Sea FC Phuket, Germany
  2. WA Majestic 7’s, Australia
  3. Malaysian Grasshoppers, Malaysia
  4. Team Bondi, Australia
  6. Veteran Football Association, Brunei
  7. BCCT Bangkok Angels, Thailand
  8. ADB FC, Philippines
  9. Old Boyz, Brunei
  10. Sai Kung Beach Boys, Hong Kong

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